Project: Light the Trail

While we are convinced that the Brock Trail provides considerable benefit to the Brockville community, we also know there remain numerous and significant needs and opportunities for both extending and upgrading the Trail network to current standards.

Chief among these needs are the issues of safety, convenience, and accessibility. A formal “Active Transportation Plan” is scheduled to be tabled with City Council this summer with recommendations addressing these concerns.

We believe that the Active Transportation Plan study will confirm our proposal of “Lighting The Trail” to be an integral part of Trail improvements.

A pilot project of solar lighting at the Tom Dailey Bridge (7 lights, Dec 2017, funded by The Tom Dailey Fund and Brockville and Area Community Foundation) has shown to be both popular and cost-effective, and the Committee proposes a full roll-out for the entire Trail, given that:

  • Lighting the Trail has strong support in the community: The BT committee, numerous private individuals and Trail user groups, Brockville senior Operations staff, and Brockville Police Services, among them.

  • Solar lighting can be installed, most cost effectively, give a good level of performance, and enhance the usability and experience of evening / night trail users.

Lighting the entire Trail where needed (excluding public streets or areas to be fully redeveloped) would cost approximately $250,000; this breaks down into project stages ranging from 17,000 to 75,000 (est: $1,000 per light, installed). Our “Lighting the Trail” project is not as yet included in the City’s capital spending budget. We propose to purchase and install the lights on a stage by stage basis as funding becomes available.

You can make your own tax-deductible contribution to this important project on our GoFundMe page.