Chairman's Update, April 2018

  1. Various pedestrian crossovers and landscaping work is scheduled for completion this month (May). Line painting at the intersections - pedestrian crossovers - of the Brock Trail include: Cedar St., Perth St., Henry St., St. Paul St. and Bramshot Ave. The planned landscaping for the west end of the Tom Dailey Bridge is also scheduled for May.
  2. The Perth St. to William St. reconstruction will be resumed in May - additional fill, grading and paving are all scheduled to be completed this spring.
  3. Work has been resumed on the Laurier Blvd. to Centennial Rd. addition. The bridge installation to Aspen Crescent is expected to be completed in early June with paving to follow.
  4. We are still awaiting the consultant's report on the VIA lands north of the tunnel to Front Ave.
  5. Plans for the reconstruction of Perth St. to Brock St. (under the CN Rail bridge) are to be developed. Plans for the reconstruction of the Stewart Blvd. to Central Ave. are on hold pending the consultant's report (VIA).
  6. Hugh Campbell is now managing our website: comments/suggestions, please email Hugh at  Doug Grant continues to manage our Facebook site: comments/suggestions can be forwarded to Doug at
  7. P & G Day of Caring will again include the Brock Trail. Mark Darrah will co-ordinate activities; event will take place in mid-June.