Project: Light the Trail

While we are convinced that the Brock Trail provides considerable benefit to the Brockville community, we also know there remain numerous and significant needs and opportunities for both extending and upgrading the Trail network to current standards.

Chief among these needs are the issues of safety, convenience, and accessibility. A formal “Active Transportation Plan” is scheduled to be tabled with City Council this summer with recommendations addressing these concerns.

We believe that the Active Transportation Plan study will confirm our proposal of “Lighting The Trail” to be an integral part of Trail improvements.

A pilot project of solar lighting at the Tom Dailey Bridge (7 lights, Dec 2017, funded by The Tom Dailey Fund and Brockville and Area Community Foundation) has shown to be both popular and cost-effective, and the Committee proposes a full roll-out for the entire Trail, given that:

  • Lighting the Trail has strong support in the community: The BT committee, numerous private individuals and Trail user groups, Brockville senior Operations staff, and Brockville Police Services, among them.

  • Solar lighting can be installed, most cost effectively, give a good level of performance, and enhance the usability and experience of evening / night trail users.

Lighting the entire Trail where needed (excluding public streets or areas to be fully redeveloped) would cost approximately $250,000; this breaks down into project stages ranging from 17,000 to 75,000 (est: $1,000 per light, installed). Our “Lighting the Trail” project is not as yet included in the City’s capital spending budget. We propose to purchase and install the lights on a stage by stage basis as funding becomes available.

You can make your own tax-deductible contribution to this important project on our GoFundMe page.

3 Minute Brock Trail Update

The Brock Trail is a beautiful linear park, City owned and maintained for all our citizens. It is available and accessible to all - FREE.

Our Brock Trail Committee is an Ad-Hoc Citizens committee. We've been together 6+ years now and we all have a personal interest in the Trail and the opportunities it presents for our community.

Since we began we have managed to:

  1. Extend the Trail from St. Lawrence Park to Church and Cedar St. Cost $160,000

  2. Replace and extend the Trail from Henry St. (Museum) to St. Paul St. Includes the new Tom Daily Bridge. Cost $325,000

  3. Rebuild an existing section of the Trail from Perth to William St. Includes the new Russ Chartier Bridge. Cost $310,000

  4. Complete the 401 By-pass which is a new section of the Trail utilizing City sidewalks. It runs from Westminster School on Central Ave. north on Ormond St. and then west on Parkedale to St. Lawrence College. Cost $310,000

  5. Extend the Trail north of Laurier Blvd. to Centennial Rd and the Cataraqui Conservation Area with a side Trail to Aspen Crescent and the Bridlewood subdivision. Cost $550,000

Grand Total to date: $1,655,000, of which approximately $520,000 has come from the City's capital budget and approximately $1,135,000 from grants, donations, and in-kind.

Looking forward we have several projects on the horizon:

  1. The North Gorge extension will be a new section of Trail from the Railway Tunnel north portal to Front Ave.

  2. Reconstruct the Trail from Perth St west to Brock St. (under CN Rail)

  3. Reconstruct the Trail from Stewart and Front north to Central Ave. at Westminster School.

The above projects will result in new/renovated Trail segments that are AODA compliant (fully accessible), and will include landscaping, benches, garbage cans, signage, trailheads, and pedestrian crossings (where needed).

Also on our "to do" list is a project to "Light the Trail": the installation of solar lighting along the Trail network where feasible and cost effective.

We have a website and Facebook presence, and a descriptive digital map on the City's website.

Our funding has been wide and varied. 2015 was the first year in a 10 year capital plan for the City of Brockville with dollars allocated to us on a 2 : 1 basis. For every $2 we raise, the City will contribute $1 up to a pre-determined maximum.

A list of our key supporters includes:

  • The City of Brockville

  • Both Federal and Provincial governments

  • Brockville & Area Community Foundation and the Tom Daily Fund

  • The Carolyn Sifton Foundation

  • The Brockville Kinsmen Club

  • The 1,000 Islands Community Development Corporation

  • Enbridge Gas

  • Shell Canada

  • Brockville Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee

  • Brockville Cycling Advisory Committee

  • Lafarge (Brockville site)

  • L.A. Knapp Construction

  • Riverview Design Solutions - Joe and Jamie McFarlene

New to Brockville this year: Pedestrian crossovers

Pedestrian crossovers are being introduced in Brockville this year. Along the Brock Trail, pedestrian crossovers will be found at St. Paul Street, King Street West, Cedar Street, Perth Street, Ormond Street at Bramshot Avenue, Laurier Blvd at Bridlewood Drive, and Centennial Road. The infosheet below, produced by the LGL Health Unit and the Brockville Police Department, provides a good summary of how they are to be used. See also Road Safety: Pedestrians on the Government of Ontario website.


Interactive Map Now Available

It’s easier than ever now to explore the Brock Trail!

Developed by the City GIS department and the Brock Trail committee, the new Brock Trail Interactive Map can be zoomed to reveal the location and info on many trail features, from bridges and access points to park amenities and washrooms. Display of specific sets of features can be enabled or disabled through a handy Layer List.

It is hoped that this map will become location-aware in a future iteration of the software being used. Other trail features can also be added — we welcome your suggestions.

Milestone reached with Laurier-Centennial section

A milestone was reached in the Laurier Blvd to Centennial Rd section of the Brock Trail last week, with the arrival and installation of a bridge connecting the trail to Aspen Dr. across the creek to the west.

Photos courtesy of Doug Grant and Alice Sliekers Kaldeway as posted on the Friends of the Brock Trail Facebook page.

Solar Lighting Shows the Way on Dailey Bridge

Ron Magen & John Dewitt point to one of the new solar powered lights - Photo by Andy Wheeler.

With the support of the Brockville and Area Community Foundation, and specifically the Tom Dailey Fund, a bank of new solar lighting has been installed on the Tom Dailey bridge located just south of the Mill Restaurant.

A reception was recently held at The Mill Restaurant to celebrate the installation of the solar lighting. The idea to 'light' the bridge was conceived by John Dewitt, Larry Zilstra and Ron Magen.

At the reception, thanks were extended to Lafarge, Knapps Paving & Landscaping, Hewitt Brockville & STI Solar Technology for their part in the project.

Source: snapd 1000 Islands, March 2018

2018 Construction Projects

The above picture can be clicked to expand full-size, and downloaded for reference. It shows the projects currently underway on the Brock Trail. Heavy equipment and other activity on the under-construction segments may limit passage. The two segments in particular where this is true include:

Perth to Stewart – expected to be completed by early June, the work here includes removal of a utility pole and its support cables near the Perth Street end; additional fill, drainage and grading of the central part of the segment and the short connector to Front St; paving; and a pedestrian crossover on Perth St.

Laurier to Centennial – construction is likely to continue into early summer on this segment. Work includes:

  • bridge abutments, bridge installation, and connector trail to Aspen Dr
  • paving of the trail from end to end
  • a pedestrian crossover on Centennial road to the parking lot at the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area canoe launch
  • at the Laurier Blvd end, a paved and curb-separated trail connection on the road shoulder to the intersection with Bridlewood; a pedestrian crosswalk across Bridlewood; a pedestrian crossover across Laurier Blvd
  • a new separated trail segment from the south side of Laurier at the crossover to the Fieldhouse and then across the existing bridge to connect with the existing Brock Trail segment.

When the Laurier to Centennial segment is completed, the Brock Trail will provide an off-road active transportation corridor from the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area all the way to downtown and waterfront, where it connects with the 3,000+ km Great Lakes Waterfront Trail network spanning Ontario.

Courtesy of

Chairman's Update, April 2018

  1. Various pedestrian crossovers and landscaping work is scheduled for completion this month (May). Line painting at the intersections - pedestrian crossovers - of the Brock Trail include: Cedar St., Perth St., Henry St., St. Paul St. and Bramshot Ave. The planned landscaping for the west end of the Tom Dailey Bridge is also scheduled for May.
  2. The Perth St. to William St. reconstruction will be resumed in May - additional fill, grading and paving are all scheduled to be completed this spring.
  3. Work has been resumed on the Laurier Blvd. to Centennial Rd. addition. The bridge installation to Aspen Crescent is expected to be completed in early June with paving to follow.
  4. We are still awaiting the consultant's report on the VIA lands north of the tunnel to Front Ave.
  5. Plans for the reconstruction of Perth St. to Brock St. (under the CN Rail bridge) are to be developed. Plans for the reconstruction of the Stewart Blvd. to Central Ave. are on hold pending the consultant's report (VIA).
  6. Hugh Campbell is now managing our website: comments/suggestions, please email Hugh at  Doug Grant continues to manage our Facebook site: comments/suggestions can be forwarded to Doug at
  7. P & G Day of Caring will again include the Brock Trail. Mark Darrah will co-ordinate activities; event will take place in mid-June.

Chairman’s Update, March 2018

The Brock Trail Committee held its most recent meeting on Thursday, March 22. The following is provided as a brief summary of the key topics discussed and decisions made:

  1. The status of our committee as an adhoc citizens committee as opposed to a formal Standing Committee of City Council is to be confirmed (hopefully) at the Tuesday, March 27 Council meeting.

  2. The completion of the fill, grading and paving of the rebuilt section Perth St. to Stewart Blvd. is expected by late May.

  3. The addition of Solar lights to the Tom Daily Bridge section is now complete. The majority of funding was provided by the Brockville & Area Community Foundation through the Tom Daily Fund.

  4. We will undertake a preliminary study of the entire Trail network to develop recommendations re: additional lighting and possible security features. An initial report is expected in April.

  5. L.A. Knapp was the successful bid to complete the work required on the Laurier Blvd. to Centennial Rd. section, with work to begin ASAP in April and the new bridge to be installed mid-May.

  6. A final Engineering Report by consultants WSP is expected early April regarding the use of VIA Rail property to extend the Trail northwards from the north end of the railway tunnel. This section is now referred to as the North Gorge Extension.

  7. Planning will begin for the reconstruction of the existing section of the Trail from Stewart Blvd. north to Central Ave. (near Westminster School), and from Perth St. to Brock St. (the tunnel under the CN main line). Timing of the projects in 2018 still to be determined.

  8. This website has been in hiatus and is once again operational, with Hugh Campbell serving as site manager. Upgrades and updates are in progress.

  9. An updated Financial Report was discussed: Project spending to date of $1.5 million fully paid or reserved. $200,000 is available for the North Gorge project with unallocated funds of $120,000 available for other planned 2018 projects. Additional funding expected upon completion of the Active Transportation Study. Overall spending of $2.30 for each $1.00 from the City's 10 Year Capital Plan beginning in 2015.

John Taylor, Chair